"The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding."
Leonardo da Vinci

'Pauline is a wise, skilled and creative practitioner. She is warm, empathic and intelligent, and also refreshingly grounded. Her consciousness of the healing power of pleasure, combined with an expansive and playful palette, helped not only in restoring me to myself, but also in expanding my own ability to 'stalk pleasure'. I am deeply grateful to her.'

'I really appreciated the opportunity to explore Taoist erotic massage combined with breathing techniques with you. Thank you for your kindness and enthusiasm. Your care and consideration, and your love of what you do really shines through. It's what made the experience for me. I'm looking forward to our next session.'

'I thought my body wasn't working properly. Thank you for helping me understand that everything is just fine! We both really enjoyed the opportunity to talk, learn some new things and have time for ourselves.'

'I really see that taking time, listening to my body, hearing what she needs to say about the scars and the pain I've experienced is changing things. It's such a relief to know that it can be different.'

'Pauline will meet you where you are and take you to places of joy, expansion and discovery. She has a wonderful range of skills and a deeply compassionate heart. Tender or vigorous, opening the heart or turbocharging your capacity for aliveness, Pauline is an exceptionally gifted practitioner. You will open a door together and discover what you wish you'd always known.'