About Me

I'm a nurse by professional background, with experience in supporting people whose sexuality, sexual function and sense of self is impacted on by surgery, scar tissue, medical treatment and chronic pain conditions.

I've worked with people going through profoundly life-altering changes, for all sorts of reasons, assisting them in exploring new and different ways to feel, experience and express their sexuality.

I've undertaken tantra training with Shakti Tantra (shaktitantra.co.uk), and this spiritual and embodied practice is my continued adventure. It has brought out a playful and adventurous streak in me, and enhanced my capacity to create sessions that genuinely fit with the client's hopes for exploration.

I have also completed the Urban Tantra Professional Training programme (urbantantraprofessionaltrainingprogram.com).

I've trained in Psychosexual Somatics with Mike Lousada (mikelousada.com) and I'm a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sex Educator (sexologicalbodyworkers.org).

I've trained in massage and aromatherapy, and I am a Reiki practitioner.

I do this work because I passionately believe in the power of combining talking within a supportive framework, and bodywork and somatic (body based) sexual education. I am delighted and privileged to support others to grow in sexual confidence, and to develop greater intimacy with themselves and in relationships.

I love working with people - on a one to one, with those in relationships, and with groups. I especially love taking people on a journey of growth and self-acceptance, at a pace to suit them, appreciating that what might seem like the smallest change can also be the biggest challenge. And in this I respect and honour your life experience and your desire to make changes, to feel enlivened. My intention is to meet you in your uniqueness, regardless of sexuality, gender, age, relationship status, physical expression.

And then there's the fun of exploration, the joy of discovery, in supporting people to play with those parts of themselves just itching to come out, safely and with consciousness and insight.

I'm very happy to tell you more about me, my experience and my qualifications, and how I bring this expertise into sessions. If you need more information, let's talk.